About Us

We are James and Emily, just married and embarking on a monster of a honeymoon – to motorcycle overland around the world!!! Our plan is to travel from the UK to Singapore and then hopefully (budget and weather permitting) across to Vancouver, down the Pacific coast and across the southern US states before heading up the eastern seaboard and home. After dreaming about it for years, we finally hit the road on Monday 26th April 2010 on, contrary to the original plan, two bikes: persuaded by James that riding solo would be more rewarding than the two-up experience, Em took her test specifically for this trip and left home with just 100km under her belt!….

The idea of motorcycling overland not only promised great adventure and the best possible way to discover the world but it provided the perfect antidote to lives that had become increasingly filled with worries about jobs, careers and making ends meet. We hope that this trip, in allowing us to step back from the stresses of everyday life, will give us the clarity, and maybe the inspiration, to consider what we want to do with the rest of our lives. For the most part though, this trip is about seeing the world, meeting interesting people, riding through incredible scenery, experiencing different cultures and, increasingly, eating our way from country to country!

When planning our trip, we felt fortunate to be able to read the websites of others who have done similar trips, gaining valuable insight and learning from their experiences. Because of this, we too have endeavoured to include information on our site that might of use to other travellers. So, if you’re planning to travel round the world by car, motorcycle or bicycle, thinking about going  backpacking or are simply stuck in the office and want to escape or be inspired – we hope our little website is of some help!…