Casa di Jackson

(by Emily) Arrived at Jack’s, my brother, at 7.45 on Thursday evening – dinner booked for 8.30 pm: perfect timing!! Had a great meal out with the MotoVarese guys (see links) in Jackson’s new hometown, Lisanza, on the east coast of Lake Maggiore, and spent most of Friday in Varese trying, and failing, to do some admin at an internet cafe. Alex and Massimo at MotoVarese were absolute stars and sorted out a problem with my bike I didn’t even know I had!!

We arrived back at Jack’s just in time to meet Jessie, my sister, who had flown in from Gatwick. Despite our original plans to head out of Italy pronto and spend time in Croatia, an incoming weather front got us thinking… soon, a new plan was devised, and as a result we have decided to head south to warmer climes… (hopefully!)

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  1. Clare Wright says:

    Sounds like so far, so good Em! Good luck with the warm weather search. . . it’s raining here!

  2. Team Australia says:

    Bon Voyage, have a wonderful experience. We all wish you well and keep in touch. Remember James; it takes a braver man to refuse to jump – than jump.
    our love and best wishes,
    D, S, M and somewhere in UK Dan.

  3. Joanna says:

    How exciting guys – you’re really on your way now! Sounds like you’re heading for the sun – ours must be shining on you as it’s chillsville here! Election Day – could all be different tomorrow!

    Good luck and keep biking. Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures.

    (PS What was Clare doing sending you a message at that ungodly hour? Anybody would think she had small kids?!)

  4. julian lloyd-hitt says:

    Top girl BestEm. You are exceptional, as I happened to mention the other day: April 10!
    Lots of love from dad (in sunny Crete). X

  5. Lorna Souch says:

    Hi there, can’t believe you are actually on your way…Amazing!
    lots of love to you both.It’s going to be great keeping up with all your adventures. Lorna, Pete, Joe and Hannah xxxx

  6. Mamma says:

    You Two amaze me! Lovely to get eye-witness accounts from Matt and Jessie, now back after being part of it all.Hmm. Shame about the camera. Miss you more than I can say. So does Wilbur!

  7. Ben, Jo and Dan says:

    Hi guys…it just sounds amazing! Enjoying keeping up to date via Facebook and on here. The warmer climes of Italy must be very welcoming…the weather here is rubbish…cold and rainy!!! Post some more photos of your adventures please. Take care. Speak soon.

    Lots of love
    Ben, Jo and Dan xxx

  8. Team Australia says:

    Good to hear the latest news. Glad the intercom is working! I cannot take the credit for suggesting what our gift was for, that clearly goes to the wonderful Sally who always thinks of these brilliant ideas.
    Stay safe and we look forward to the next chapter. Wish I was there if only for the food!!!!
    D, S, M and

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