Riding in the clouds

(Emily) Weather didn’t look too bad when we got up… then we saw a motorcyclist at our first petrol stop who was absolutely drenched and he had come from the direction we were heading in. He didn’t speak much English but ‘tanti dell’aqua’ said it all! We were soon riding in thick fog, which we then realised was actually the cloud! At times, I could hardly see James who was riding just a few feet in front of me. In the end, we opted for the autostrada in an attempt to lose some altitude, come out of the clouds and make progress (it was also probably not the safest riding environment when visibility was so poor…), such a shame, as Jack had spent time planning a route down scenic green roads. Made it into Florence by mid-afternoon – still drizzling, but what a beautiful city. Jack went off to source some accommodation (as the Italian speaker with the iphone and satnav, it was a no-brainer!) and managed to get us rooms in a cute little apartment-style hotel right near the Duomo. A great location with one small drawback – it was in a pedestrianised area!! The only solution was to walk our bikes: pure comedy as we struggled down the cobbled lanes and across the piazza in front of the Dumo through hordes of tourists, Matt cursing as he inched his beast (a third of a ton!) along, in order to unload our heavy baggage at the hotel, and even then the Carabinieri were none too pleased and kept coming over to move us on.

Spirits were high once we were showered and dry, and we went off for a little walk around Florence with our tour guide, Jack (armed with the Lonely Planet). However, you can only walk around in the pouring rain for so long, even in a city as beautiful as Florence, so we retired to the hotel where James fixed us up an amazing risotto which we enjoyed with Prosecco and red wine. Rounded off the evening with a game of Whist; a revelation to Jessica and me who had never played it.  Perfetto!

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