Thank you!

Just wanted to say a very quick BIG thank you for all the lovely (and amusing!) messages family and friends have been posting on the site. Sorry we haven’t had time to reply to them individually but be assured that each one is read with smiles, laughs and, occasionally, tears in the eyes… We miss you!!! xxx

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  1. Jackson (i need a tower to climb) Hitt says:

    Yo Legends.
    I’m welling up here, beautiful stuff. Been sat here catching up on the whole blog. Very well written and brought back some great memories of our time riding.
    all the best in Borat land.
    ciao (x)

  2. Jess says:

    Hi Jamily,
    Great to hear what you have been up to and that you’re out of Bari!
    We miss you loads too.

  3. Julian says:

    Our thanks to you both for keeping us so well informed of how things are going. Katie put together a gathering of cake consumption in aid of Hospice today. Mr Bonnell and Val came and he was praising Emily to all. It is not only dad (and James!) who consider her as Emily the Exceptional.
    Take care out there and have fun.

  4. Team Australia says:

    Great to hear all of your news and for looking after Em so well. Now the real adventure starts and we all look forward to sharing your news. I agree Rome is one wonderful city, after Melbourne my favorite.
    Take really good care of one another and have a great time.
    We miss you both lots.
    D,S and

  5. Martha says:

    Have just been catching up on your blog, it is really good to hear what you are up to! Can’t believe you are hitting the biker bars – cool!! You’ll be getting tattoos next! Glad you enjoyed Shantaram – awesome book! We miss you xxxx

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