Not ideal.

(Emily) Soooooo, our mild distaste toward Istanbul taxi drivers has now blossomed into full on antipathy – what they want to learn to do is LOOK before they pull out and do a u-turn on an otherwise empty road. Result: see below. Now our departure (meant to be today) has been put back at least ten days and I’m going to be getting pretty bored seeing as I can’t actually move unaided.

Early on Saturday evening, James and I were returning from Daytona Yamaha, very happy with our newly pristine bikes and the friendly service delivered by Bener, a lovely guy who works there who has bent over backwards to help us. We’d left Dan at the hostel, uttering the fateful words ‘See you in about an hour…’ It was not to be. Whilst on one of the few stretches of road that wasn’t jammed bumper to bumper with traffic, a taxi parked to my right decided to pull out into a u-turn with no indication or warning. Luckily, I was going slow (mototortoise, I should be called) and I had a few seconds to react and brake, but basically there was nothing I could do. He clipped my right side and I just couldn’t keep the bike upright. B*****ks!!!!

It was all a bit crazy after that. James stopped and ran back to me as soon as he saw what had happened in his mirror, plus the taxi driver and several passers-by. My right leg was not feeling too happy, but mostly I was worried about the bike and my shoe – ‘Get them out of the road, and me too while you’re at it!’ Once I’d been deposited on some steps by the side of the road, James tried in vain to get my bike to start and, with the help of a local, got it over to the pavement. The taxi driver meanwhile was offering to take me to the hospital – er, that would be a no! Ironically, although this had all happened outside a police station, there were no policemen to be seen for quite some time. I decided to text Bener from the bike shop to see if he could come down and help us with the bikes/do some much needed translating while we waited for the ambulance. He arrived shortly before the paramedics  – what a star – and assured us he would look after the bikes. The nurses were busy poking and  prodding me to establish what hurt and soon my leg was enveloped in a plastic sheath which was then inflated to keep it still (I thought that was pretty cool). Slight panic when they stretchered me onto the ambulance and I was worried I would have to leave without James, but with Bener’s help we established that we could file the police report at the hospital so James hopped into the front. I’d never been in an ambulance before, let alone in a foreign country with two nurses who couldn’t communicate with me, so that was a bit surreal.

I won’t bore you with the epic that was our experience at the hospital (James might later…) but on the plus side, I was seen very quickly and had multiple x-rays which established no break. On the downside, we then had a really drawn out process of paperwork (our documentation was all back at the hostel which really didn’t help smooth things along) involving long waits and dodgy bribes. It was gone 2 am before we finally got to bed and poor Dan had had to fend for himself for the evening (which he did admirably by eating kebabs, drinking beer and watching the football at our local!)

 The whole thing has been really rather tiresome and inconvenient. The hospital couldn’t even give crutches so I’ve become a complete invalid (James getting me showered while I sat on a plastic chair with my leg in a bag would have been comedy if it wasn’t so bloody awkward) and James is now having to continue the paper trail by going back and forth between police stations, doctors and the garage where my bike is currently impounded. However, things could have been a lot worse and the people here at the hostel and our ‘local’ have been so lovely; Sasha who owns the bar managed to get hold of a walking stick for me, though we have strong suspicions he liberated it from his gran! Even Dad was able to come by for a few hours before his flight back to Heathrow (he’d been training a Turkish Airline crew all week) and so I got even more spoilt (James has been doing a good job so far!) Then last night, James and Dan managed to take me round the corner by linking arms to form a makeshift swing seat so we could enjoy Dan’s last night with some beers and a shisha. So not all bad!

I guess now that I’m ‘convalescing’ I’ll be able to finally write up about Istanbul so far – it’s been really good fun and we’ve met some fantastic people – so watch this space. Please take pity on me and write me long and interesting emails (got no gossip? Make stuff up!) and I’m getting back involved with Scrabble on FB without a shadow of a doubt (that’s a silver lining right there!) Also, should you be at a loose end/needing to take some holiday time over the next week get yourself over here – James could do with the company and it’s a very cool place to visit. Do it!!

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  1. Joanna says:

    Oh my God! I should be opening with ‘hope you’re having a fantastic time’ but it seems not! Poor you – at least nothing’s broken! And there was me waiting with bated breath yesterday and wondering why you hadn’t been able to update us with all your doings! Ok – here’s for a boring email that nobody (including you) will want to read but tough! I’m so glad that your dad was around to see you, and to pass on the news to your ma that you are OK, if looking a little like you have a bird table stand for a leg! As I write, the boys and I are watching the opening games of Wimbledon (not raining)! Federer was down 2 sets but is doing his usual of now giving his opposition a proper pasting! Both of them still have two exams each left, so celebrations all round on Friday evening! Unfortunately, Barnaby has his statistics GCSE at 9am on the morning after his prom – should be fun! Hope you managed to have a paper bag to put over your heads after our horrendous performance in the football on Friday – surprised you didn’t get lynched!! Starting on the countdown to the end of term now – just the five weeks to go. Can’t believe another year has nearly gone. Joolz has just come back from a week’s holiday in Corsica (with both legs in one piece!) They were lucky in that they weren’t affected by the terrible storms in the south of France. Everyone from Bisley land sends love – it was great to have your message last week. Not seen the baby yet – just piccies but she looks very cute. Will give her an extra cuddle when we get to meet her! Looks as though I’m running out of space so will send big hugs to you both and hope you feel better soon. Will send another boring email before the end of the week. xx Joanna

  2. Jess says:

    EMML!! Can’t beleive what happened – what a pain in the leg! (HA!)
    I will be sure to send you a long, juicy email my imobile friend xxxxx

  3. Mamma says:

    Having just sent you a text, I have now come up to read your blog and grasped the full horror of it all. Your Dad, I think, was playing it down a bit so I wouldn’t demand your immediate return to the nest.
    Must admit to shedding tears at this point. I now have to get to the post but will email later. Lots of hugs and kisses xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  4. Dad says:

    Message from “Popper” to “Hopper”.
    It was so good to see you again amazing Emily but “not ideal”. Hope you are feeling better minute by minute.
    You may get some texts or emails from my new Turkish Airline friends cos I sent out a round robin email to them with some Africa pix and referred to your accident too.
    You want boring stuff? Trip back to airport via WOW hotel (something to live up to and I was hoping you’d see it too) was fine. We all got upgraded to business so I went off to the lounge-to-scrounge some free food. Up til then an icecream (thanks James) and corn on the cob had been the sole alternative to taking you lot out for brunch. Flight was ontime so landed Heathrow soon after 10pm. Trusty pug covered in dust but started first time. Got home. Saw Mum. Gave moderated version of events. Also to twins. All v concerned. Twins and Martha had produced fab Father Day cards for me. Did loads of computer stuff. Went to bed at 3a.m. Up at 8. Jess needed lift to station. rest of day catching up. Have been advised of gardening activities needed but I am now going to the gym instead! Boring enough?
    Lots of love Dad XX

  5. GB Airways says:

    That’s a pretty rustic looking hospital bed. Old school.

  6. admin says:

    Thanks, guys. It does look rather like a bird table, Joanna, good call! Thanks for your text, GB, virtual hug gratefully received (and that’s my bed at the hostel btw; down a flight of stairs which I currently have to descend on my bottom. Dignified.) Keep the messages coming, I am already soooooooooooo bored!!! xxxxx

  7. Jim says:

    Oh no! I think what you need is for me to fly out and look after you. Really, it’s OK. I’ll start packing now.

  8. Mandy says:

    Bad luck, but very pleased to see it is not more serious. Looks like you were a VERY lucky lady!

  9. Jackson says:

    Medic!!!! Sorry to hear news eggle. Get well. Hope the bikes alright. And your leg of course. Check out the big KTM on the race track on FB. lots of get well hugs. Ciao x

  10. Darren says:

    Holy Cow Em, Monster foot how cool! At least your ok, and you’ll hopefully make it to the watch the England game tomorrow. I can send you some crutches? I could probably rustle some up from the hospital.

  11. Joanna says:

    How you doing sunshine? Today’s boring email is as follows: beautiful summer’s day here and what were we doing at school – sex ed! Haha! Everyone’s favourite! Did you know that women have testicles? – new one on me too! Barnaby had engineering GCSE today – not as bad as he thought so that’s a result. After school went off to Guildford to pick up his penguin suit for the prom, which is on Thursday – looks very dashing if I say so myself! Granny just arrived for supper (with cake – yippee!) Good luck with the leg, lots of love to James and fingers crossed for the England game tomorrow – let’s hope we won’t be as bad as France (tee hee!) xx

  12. Debbie Knight says:

    OMG!!!! What are you doing to your poor parents!!! Can’t you reconsider the whole bike thing and do the glamorous version like Vicky!! Anyway will spread the word at school to ensure you get plenty of reading material. LOOK AFTER YOURSELF…….Dx

  13. Kirstie says:

    Hey Em

    Netball girlies were out for Pizza last Thursday – no netball due to Ascot week – so why not – all having a chat about your amazing honeymoon. Sorry to hear bout the accident – glad your OK ish and hope that the bike and paperwork etc are all able to be sorted as quickly as the leg fixes !

    Wish I could send you some of my work to do !!! he he – that would keep you entertained !

    Hope you manage to see the football tomorrow and that it is a little less frustrating than Friday night’s match.

    Have started a scrabble game and invited you to play reversi on fb too – will message you a few silly games to play too !

    Get well soon


  14. Angi says:

    WOW! I was coming here to drop you a note about football and just read up on your …er… adventure. I’m SO not surprised with the way they drive there, but WOW, that’s awful!! Speedy healing!!

  15. Emma (book club Emma) says:

    OH Em!!! I am so sorry to hear your news! That is really poopy-pants luck!!! How are you bearing up? This is a new true test of your relationship, with James as your nurse-maid and first assistant for EVERYTHING – how is he doing??? Marks out of 10????
    So how long will you be laid up, if it’s not broken can you start exercising gently? How is the bike???
    I can do boring….
    Weather is fantastic here, like a proper summer abroad, football is boring me senseless (not that I had much to start with) and work is still looking ‘iffy’ but I still have a job for now – yippeee!
    Book Club tomorrow night 24th June 8pm, I’ve got skpe and webcam etc so do you want to try to make contact?
    Bye for now, you take care and try to get well soon… Emma xxx

  16. Aunty Ros says:

    Hi Em and James. Em…Sorry to hear of your mishap and hope you are back on your feet soonest .I’m sure James is a great nurse maid! I’m not usually up this late but having had half a bottle of wine and then went out chasing cows I got over the early evening tiredness that usually strikes after supper. Dave can’t believe I’m still awake. We now have some chickens – they are such fun to watch – the cockerel is called Gengis (Dave’s little friend!) Cats spend time watching them through the electrified chicken wire. We get about 3 eggs a day from 7 chickens – we’re hoping for more eggs as they settle in. Enjoy the enforced rest. Dave will be in similar situation after Friday as he is in for day surgery – keyhole – on a couple of hernias. He won’t be chasing cows for a while!! loads of love xxxxxxxxx

  17. Katie says:

    Em, noooooooooooooooo! You poor thing, gutted to read about your accident, but very relieved you are ok. I hope James continues to play nurse and you get better very very soon! Well, life here continues as normal, very very hot weather today so I took today off. I literally lost the whole day to Twilight – oops! Was meant to be sorting lots of things out – guess that can wait for another day! We were meant to be going to Spain this week, but Dam forgot to book the time off work, so we are at home! But to be honest with such amazing weather it is not too bad! Abs is doing great, continuing to be a chatter-box and having us in fits of laughter with her stories! We did the dreaded potty-training last weekend and so far so good! When I picked her up from Nursery today, her teacher told me that everytime she did a wee-wee on the potty/toilet Abi said “mummy is going to be so proud”! Bless her – she is right though, mummy is very proud and it feels like yet another milestone to her becoming a girl not a toddler!
    Busy playing netball every week in our summer league – we are as yet undefeated! Anyway, you take of yourself and give James a hug from us, and big big hugs and kisses to you xxxxx

  18. Joanna says:

    Hi Guys

    Just been to prom night so am on a bit of a high. The boys all looked remarkably dashing and the girle very glam. Barnaby and his crew (31 of them) arrived at the Lakside in an open top bus – very impressive, except when they got off I noticed that Barnaby had been whopped across the face by a passing branch! He tells me it’s nothing to mar his outstanding beauty (his words, not mine!) so no harm done. Can’t believe it’s another era over – tomorrow he leaves school and Sam leaves college!!! How old does that make me feel? (please don’t answer that one!) Anyhow, need to pick him up from his after prom party at 8.30am to get him to school for his 9.00am exam (O.M.G.) He doesn’t seemed stressed about it so why should L? (Or maybe I should be stressing because he won’t have had any sleep!!) Feel a bit sorry for Sam, though; he too has an exam tomorrow and has been trying to revise like crazy today with all this shinanigans going on. Not fair, really, but can’t be helped!

    On a calmer note, took Bobby Bird to his pre-induction tour at Woking High today. He was a bit bewildered, bless him, but I’m sure when it comes down to it, he’ll be fine. Fingers crossed.

    Thank you for your tome as your first instalment for Istanbul. Thanks to Angi, too, cos I took a peek at her photos whilst I wait for yours. They were superb!!!

    Looking forward to the next instalment.

    Love you lots xxx

  19. Joanna says:

    PS Must remember to read my rantings before I send them out next time so that they make sense! Sorry x

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