Fed up and grumpy, moi?

First things first: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JESSIE & LIZZIE!! Have a twin-tastic birthday, wish we were able to celebrate with you tonight. Hope you like the pressies we sent back with Dad : )

So, what news? Well, yesterday I didn’t even leave my bed thus cranking up the boredom to a new level. The doctor may have been tall, dark and handsome but that didn’t seem to do much for his bedside manner when he literally ripped my cast and bandages off on Tuesday evening. Open cuts + bandages stuck to them + sadistic doctor = owwwwwww!!! Leg feels good to be ‘free’ but now going all sorts of colours and my ankle has yet to make an appearance (I have the cankle of all cankles). Can’t move my foot, apart from the toes, and can’t even begin to put weight on it yet - trying to get up causes excrutiating pain as all the blood rushes down to the swelling. Am not a very good patient! James, however, is being a very good nursemaid (he only dropped the rucksack on my foot once…) and is also having a bit of a mare trying to sort out all the paperwork generated by the crash.  And it’s raining.

Still, things could be worse! At least I’m getting the chance to do some reading and, of course, play Scrabble! Really enjoying everyone’s messages and emails, keep ‘em coming. Have just put some Istanbul pics on if you’re interested…

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  1. Joanna says:

    Oh my G! Superb pics – well worth the wait. What a wonderful looking place – must book a flight asap! Looks like you lucked out with your hostel, bar, kebab – need I go on? Could anyone please tell me how you manage to look so serene and glam with a leg covered in candy floss?!

    Lots of love to you both xxx

    PS – I’m with you, James, very Buck Rogers (imagine someone never having heard of him??…)

  2. Jackie (aka Mum) says:

    Hi James and Em

    Just read through the latest and sorry about your mishap Em but I suppose on an epic trip things don’t always go according to plan but hey the main thing is your’e fine. I’m sure Doctor James is doing a grand job !!

    Got your postcard from Istanbul today and it seems it lives up to everything I’ve heard about it – one for the list I think !

    Keep your chin up Em.

    Lots of love, Jackie xxxx

    ps Your’e using my wrong post code – it should be NG16 2JJ. (1BG is Steve’s)

  3. Vicky W says:

    Hi Em -

    Just something on leg gashes that I picked up when I gouged a chunk out of my leg… don’t know how deep the cuts are but scars heal from the bottom up apparently so keep covered and dry until they’ve got a good dry looking scab on them. If you expose them to the elements they dry out from outside in and take longer to heal and more chance of leaving a scar. Apparently! Anyway, hope that you haven’t got cuts that are too deep so hopefully not an issue.

    Lots of healing thoughts xxx

  4. Angi says:

    Let’s go England!!

  5. admin says:

    You’ll be glad to know we were supporting ‘ABD’ last night but I guess that just wasn’t enough… Have a feeling England are going home today!

  6. Team Australia says:

    Hi guys,
    Stayed up watched the match; what a load of crap, how much are they paid, better their wages go to the poor of Africa, guess thats another $50 I owe Dan.
    Stay safe,

  7. admin says:

    It was, indeed, crap. Am sure James will email you later with more to say on the matter! Glad to hear Dan arrived at camp ok, and what a bonus getting an upgrade!
    Take care, Love Em xxxxx

  8. Jess says:

    Thanks for the birthday wishes – LOVE my present!
    Hope you’re having fun with Mum and Marth xxxxx

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