(Emily) Last night, James finally persuaded me to leave the confines of the hostel and make a long overdue return visit to the bar round the corner. I think the prospect of watching the England match with about two other people on a crappy tv outside the hostel was too much to bear and consequently I got a piggyback all the way down there! I have to say, I was resistant at first as the jolting around is a killer for my foot, but I’m glad we made the effort; despite England’s somewhat inevitable exit, we had a great evening and it did me good to have a change of scene. All the gang were down there, being very chivalrous with Sasha lifting me over the tables (no easy feat but he’s a big bear of a man) and Big Haci lending me his jacket when I got cold (James, being the good doctor, insisted I have more ice on my foot but it soon turned my whole leg numb…) We had a good chat with a guy from Melbourne, Rick,  who had just arrived in Istanbul, and two more Aussies, Scott and Ben, who were staying at the same hostel as us. This helped take James’ mind off the match (and the terrible injustice of the disallowed goal) – he was not a happy bunny – and by the time Argentina were giving Mexico a thorough pasting, spirits were high again. I suspect it was a little harder to get over for those in the midst of it all back home…

Little Haci insisted on being the mule on the way home (I think I ruined the poor guy) and it was sad to say goodbye – he’s about to leave Istanbul to do his military service and was obviously feeling apprehensive about the whole thing. I’ve always been of the opinion, based on limited knowledge admittedly, that military service is a great idea as it must give sense of achievement and responsibility  to young adults at a time in life where apathy is an all too easy option. However, when one looks at it from the other perspective – it means being uprooted from your family and friends for 15 months with the real possibility of going into combat – the programme is perhaps not quite so laudable. Good luck, Haci : )

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  1. Thomas and Anne says:

    Hi James, sorry for the disallowed goal yesterday, but we would have made it anyway. Your defense was just too bad and you still do not have a goalkeeper!
    Hopefully we can now beat Argentina and move on to the semifinals!!!

    @Em: How are you doing? Do you have a timetable when you will be able to get back on foot and finally and your bike??
    We wish you all the best!!!
    Tom and Anne

  2. admin says:

    Hi guys,
    Well, you certainly showed us how it was done!! Good luck with Argentina – they were looking pretty good last night…
    Am still laid up but my mum and sister are coming out tomorrow and will hopefully be bringing crutches : ) It’s a waiting game!
    Em xxxx

  3. joanna says:

    Hi Guys – This is more of a message for Thomas and Anne – actually David James was probably the best player on our team yesterday which, unfortunately, doesn’t say much for the other 10 players! I blame Fabio Capello – hopefully he will now be taking a permanent rest in Italy and we can get a proper manager!

    Anyhow, back to our invalid, how you doing today sunshine? Must be getting excited to see your girlies tomorrow – a bit of mummy love never did anybody any harm!

    Hope you all have a lovely time together.

    Joanna xxx

  4. Jackson says:

    Ciao Eggy.

    Saluti from Caterina who is hear visiting Lago Maggiore with me.

    she has a recommendation for you. an amazing Haman by the side of the grand bazaar. she cant remember the name but it is “antique”. Dont know if you are up to it yet but there you go.

    also do you have skype over there.? if so look me up: jacksonhitt

    good to read your experiences. get well soon. bacio

  5. Flora&Matt says:

    Hello hello! How’s the leg coming on? Great to see your website – looks fab, and a brilliant read! Nice to hear some familiar stories…
    We’re in Akcakoca along the Black Sea coast – didn’t seem to get very far the day we left. Have stopped for a day to do some diary writing/blog catching up etc but ended up spending most of the day down at the beach… hopeless! Off tomorrow to make our way slowly to Rize and then southward to Syria. Will let you know if we find any treasures along the way – you might come this route when you leave??
    Love to you both, keep well and let us know how you get on M&F aka the lonebikers!

  6. Aunty Ros says:

    Hi All,
    Is Katie still with you? Hope you’re getting well enough too be out and about. Dave is making great recovery from his op. – but is also bored as he is not allowed to do any lifting etc. so no wooding/painting/boating – just pubbing! Sound like you do quite a bit of that too! Chickens have upped production to 4 eggs a day despite one of them falling off it’s perch in the night and is now an ex chicken. To be fair it didn’t look well the previous day – we think it had a prolapse!
    Things at school are a bit fraught – we are to become an All through (3 – 19yrs) Academy in Sept. The current head had to apply for head teacher post – loads of ‘interest’ from outside candidates – 5 were shortlisted (including the current head) NONE were appointed. He was gutted. The Academy sponsors have put a ‘Launch head’ (sound a bit nuclear) in post and will re-advertise. The dep. and assistant head posts will be internal appointments as will all the other ‘key’ posts. The only one I’m interested in is ‘Head of personalised Learning’ (the job I do already at the Community College. I have an interview on Weds. The good news is that my salary is protected for 3 years so if I’m not appointed to the post I won’t have so much resposibilty but will still get paid! I can see me retiring within the 3 year salary cushion!
    Lots of love to you guys – hope you’ll be back on the road soonest. Loads of love, Ros xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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