Family fortunes

(Emily) My life has become a bit too ‘bloke-ified’ over the last couple of weeks (beer, football, kebabs, more beer, more football… you get the picture) so when Mum and Martha came over for a few days it not only delivered me from boredom but also injected a stab of good old-fashioned girlieness, hurrah! We were soon sitting on the patio of their rather fancy hotel drinking rosé and having a good natter – James didn’t know what had hit him! Luckily, on the first evening Rick from Melbourne, who we’d already met a few days ago, joined us for dinner so James had an ally at his end of the table (Rick still got subjected to full family history from Mum though – chin up!)

The crutches that Mum and Martha brought over made all the difference and I was able to go back and forth between our hostel, the bar and their hotel. We even ventured as far as the Grand Bazaar – I was no going to miss out on a girlie shopping trip – though admittedly progress was slow and it did reduce me to a shaking, sweaty mess! No one told me using crutches was so hard! However, it was well worth it to see M&M try a spot of haggling and Martha unwittingly yet inevitably picking out the most expensive scarf in the whole market – luxury just seeks her out!

I had a fantastic few days so thank you so much, Mum and Marth. James and I felt thoroughly spoiled and it was great to catch up with what’s going on at home; of course, most of all it was just lovely to see you and spend some time with you. The ankle seems to be progressing quite nicely now and I can finally put it flat on the floor when standing. Will tentatively start putting weight on it the next few days so watch this space…

Lots of love to those back home, and Hi to Matt and Flora – the beach sounds good and hope the onward journey’s going well!

xxx (more pics added today too)

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  1. Dad says:

    Thinking of you BB4. Think you’ll still be there around 13 July?
    love from proudofemilydad XX

  2. Dad says:

    Doh! Can’t be jetlag, must be winelag:BB3
    Dad1 X

  3. Jess says:

    I’ve only just discovered I can comment on photos – sorry!

    Just had a great weekend visiting the Henney’s. The cutest family (and house) ever!! xxxx

  4. Katie says:

    I missed out on a girly shopping trip……………. I hope you still managed a bargain yourself? Glad to hear you are beginning to be on the right road to recovery and it must have been lovely to see your mum and martha. James I have no doubt you are brilliant company and are thoroughly looking after Em, but there is no substitute for retail therpay! Life here is good, we were at a wedding on the weekend which was lovely, and Abi spent the day with her Granny and Granddad and had lots of fun feeding the ducks at the park. Summer league netball is coming to an end, and we are in the division 1 play-off on Thursday, I shall let you know how we get on. Luckily our team consists of people who play for the island and me – I love playing with amazing players!
    Abi continues to grow up fast, she is completely dry during the day now, and is very excited about doing her poos and wees on the toilet – might be something to do with the chocolate buttons she gets!
    Jo is over in a month, cannot wait to see her and Abi is looking foward to taking her to a ballet lesson!
    Anyway, you take care and continue to look after yourself and get better very very soon. Lots of love, hugs and kisses to you and James xxx

  5. mama/kate says:

    That’s wierd, I thought I left a comment this morning but it seems to have disappeared into the ether. Anyway, it was along the lines of getting folks to respond to Em’s plea for communication.When we arrived she was crazy with boredom and frustration Typically, she had played down the seriousness of her injury but, I tell you she’s not going anywhere soon.I know she would love to hear more news and goss.

  6. joanna says:

    Point taken, Kate. Have been a bit remiss since you had your little visit! So Em,we are into the throes of the end of the year – displays down, new books, passing on very important (?) work to the new teacher and generally wondering how to keep the little darlings entertained for the next two weeks without having to pull them off the ceiling! Hopefully we are having sports day tomorrow, but with the weather looking a bit iffy we have got all of our extremities crossed. If I’m honest, our grass needs a huge downpour (or would that be the wrong type of rain) to try to claw it back from resembling a large expanse of toasted dustbowl! Very sweet, though; Jo came in today with lovely baby Maddy, who is very yummy indeed – needless to say I had a little cuddle fest and was quite reticent about handing her back until I heard that she was up four times last night for a feed! OMG – how yuck is that! Joolz has only got six weeks left to go so am already in the front of the queue for a cuddle with that little one too! Something must be in the water around here because Claire Childs is expecting a little one too, so will be all cuddled out! Anyhow enough of other people’s little ones – my large one – Sam – PASSED HIS DRIVING TEST – (any english inhabitants within the surrey area reading this, you have been warned!) Not bad after bankrupting his mother with about a squillion lessons! He was very chuffed, and I live in fear and dread every time he goes out of the door until he comes safely home again. Not a nice feeling:( Still, he’s got his independence now and hopefully he will soon leave home!!!!

    On that note, the pinger is going on the oven so need to get the lamb out! Lots of love to you both and hope you will soon be able to carry on your merry way xxxx

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