The road is calling…

(Emily) We’re amid a sudden flurry of activity as we prepare to leave Istanbul early tomorrow morning. James has been a star, spending yet another day riding and tramming all over town getting last minute bits and pieces. After spending the last few weeks searching the whole of Istanbul (I do not exaggerate here) for bits of drainage pipe and exhaust brackets, he’s finally assembled the wear-with-all to put together a makeshift storage canister on each bike where the second exhaust used to be. This has been no easy mission and has culminated in him having some custom steel clamps made (thanks Adnan for your invaluable help on this!) and getting the folks back home to send some soil pipe access plugs (don’t ask!) on to Georgia ahead of us. See new pics on the photo gallery to get an idea of what we’re talking about…

I am still using one crutch to hobble about but am confident (ish) that with a support bandage and my boot on, I’ll be able to master the bike tomorrow. We’re aiming to leave at 7am to avoid the crazy traffic but only time will tell whether we actually achieve this…

We’re both on a bit of a high with the thought of finally getting our adventure underway once more, but at the same time it’s going to be with sadness that we leave our new friends here. We’ve been overwhelmed by how kind people have been, especially since the accident, and want to say thank you to everyone who has gone out of their way to help us with translations, incident forms, finding random parts etc. Poor Emre at the hostel came to anticipate (dread?!) James’ daily random requests! So, hello and thank you to: the guys at the bar – the Hacis (big and little), Sasha and Farid; our lovely hostel family – Emre, Murat, happy Shaheen, Janine, Gillian and Alma (who so many times brought me breakfast to my room when James was still asleep at cut off time!); the wonderful strangers who have offered us kindness when we’ve been out and about, particularly Furkan and Irem; Adnan from next door who has gone out of his way for us on several occasions; Bener at Daytona who came to our rescue after the accident; and lovely fellow travellers who we’ve shared some great times with – Paul & Dean (overland heroes), Albert & Daniel, Angi & Aric, Rick, Francesca, David, Matt & Flora and Patrick & Peggy. And Claudia, thanks for the physio advice and for getting me the ‘support stocking’, I owe you one!

Right, it’s 9pm. James is still tinkering with the bikes, we haven’t eaten yet (or repacked) and we still need to print off insurance forms, photocopy receipts, pay our rent for yet another week (gulp) and go and say a few goodbyes. Will we really leave at 7am tomorrow morning? Watch this space!

10 Responses to “The road is calling…”

  1. GB Airways says:

    Good luck guys. Take it steady!

  2. Team Australia says:

    Stay low, move fast.

  3. Jess says:

    So pleased for you that you’ll be on the open road once more!

    I guess Scrabble will have to take a back seat, ah well – totally losing!!

    Taming of the Shrew starts tonight, excitng times xxxx

  4. joanna says:

    How exciting – it will be like leaving home all over again. My advice -avoid any vehicle with taxi written on it! Enjoy! Look forward to hearing about all your new adventures xx

  5. admin says:

    Hello my lovelies,
    We did it, we finally left Istanbul!! Will do an update later. Thanks for your messages : )

  6. mama/kate says:

    So you,re finally away! stay safe my darlings. Hope to see you down the road again some day.

    All my love.xxxxxxx

  7. sami says:

    Hi guys!
    Hope you are fine and enjoying your honeymoon!
    How is everything going with the visas to Iran? What I understood they didn’t give you any travel permit?

    Take care.
    Cheers/ Sami

  8. Thomas and Anne says:

    You made it… out of Istanbul… Have a safe trip an we are looking forward to reading updates on your website..

    Thomas and Anne

  9. Jackie (aka Mum) says:

    At last, so glad to hear you are finally moving on and Em’s leg is sorted – but hey what a place to be stuck in !!! Will look forward to reading all about your future exploits but of course Ben, Jo and I are off to Malaysia next week but hopefully will have access during our stay – back 24 August.

    Enjoy my darlings, will be thinking about you all the time.

    Lots of love, Mum xxx

  10. Emma (book club Emma) says:

    Hi Em, so glad you are feeling well enough to get on your bike again. Take it easy and I hope the ankle holds up! Happy trails Emma xxxx

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