Eastern Turkey in brief

(Emily) We saw and experienced so many cool things on our way out of Turkey, it would be crime not to dedicate a proper blog entry to it. However, our time in Tbilisi has been taken up by various jobs (two and a half hours at customs to pick up a parcel with our name on it being one of them!) so James will get on the case once we have a bit more time. Meanwhile, the last pics are up and here’s a brief synopsis…

What’s hot:

-      Turkish, and particularly Kurdish, hospitality; we were offered tea every time we stopped and were given proper sit down meals on several occasions. So generous!

-      Cappadocia – a region of stunning landscapes formed from volcanic rock. James described it as ‘biblical’. It also had something of Stars Wars about it!

-      My cool new neck scarf – a celebratory present from James when we were about to leave Istanbul.

-      Wild camping in a farmer’s field on a beautiful evening.

-      Our little fold-away chairs bought at a fishing market in Istanbul.

-      Staying at a hotel with an actual pool courtesy of  a deal through Haci – thanks!!

What’s not:

-      Riding 780km on the first day back on the bike. Stupido.

-      Stray dogs running out and barking at the bikes.

-      The Bluetooth comms system playing up. I said ‘too quick’, James, not ‘you p****!’

-      Putting my foot down when I come to a stop – ankle says noooooo.

-      Monumental thunder storms.

-      Turkey’s seeming refusal to allow us to leave without a fight.

-      Not seeming to see the need for diversions when the roads are being resurfaced (see below!)

4 Responses to “Eastern Turkey in brief”

  1. Jess says:

    I love your updates! and your pics tell such a story.

    Can’t believe how much I miss you! xxx

  2. Claudia says:

    Sounds like you got yourself into a pretty ‘sticky’ situation to say the least….If the foot can hold up to that then you are well on the way to being whole again. Hope the very sexy biege support sock is serving you well. Got back to Oz yesterday and felt the holiday end with a thump, bike got back intact and am already planing the next adventure. Stay safe and i’ll look forward to reading your future adventures
    Claudia x

  3. Aunty Ros says:

    Hi Guys,
    Spent last hour catching up with your epic journey. Scary writing; fantastic pics.What a time you’ve had/are having! Pleased to see you’re up and about Em. You still need R and R so ensure you put your foot up at every opportunity and James will pander to your every need. What a great guy!
    Term finished yesterday, thank goodness. It’s been a roller coaster of change with Dartmouth C C becoming an all through Academy in Sept. Still not sure what I shall do………..
    Am planning to visit E and M in Chatham and then go back to France with them for a week. Great adventure for me!!!!!!!!!
    Loads of love to you both. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Axel & Vincent says:

    Hi Emily, James,

    Hope you’re fine.
    Very nice website and pictures and we’ll enjoy following the next stories.

    Have a nice trip,

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