Greetings from the other side!

(James) Hi everyone, thanks for all the lovely messages! Just a very quick update to let you that we’ve made it across the Caspian (eventually), the Turkmenistan borders (unbelievable!) and the Karakum desert (roasting!) and are now having a restful 36 hours in the historic town of Bukhara in UzbekistanĀ to recharge our batteries. We’ve had an interesting and eventful week and will submit our ‘report’ when we get a chance! Just now we’re enjoying the luxuries of chilled water, showers and the comparatively cool temperatures (40 degrees!) of Bukhara! Anyway, just wanted to let you know that we’re alive! I’m going for a beer!

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  1. Katie says:

    You guys – honestly you would be so much safer in Guernsey!!!!
    So pleased you are safe and sound but also having the adventure of a life-time!
    Life here is far less interesting than yours, but all good none the less!
    Will email very soon, stay safe and take care, thinking of you xxx

  2. julian says:

    Go on James, have two beers!
    Emily too!
    Looking forward to more eloquent tales.
    BTW K and J are off for a v tame camping adventure in New Forest.
    Got the tent. Got Kate hiking boots!! Maybe they will finish up on eBay “one careful owner, little used!”. Even got a second folding bike too off eBay. Where is the pump for the airbed that we found in your room? Won’t go if we can’t have a soft bed!!!

  3. Mama/Kate says:

    You guys continue to astonish me with your bravery and fortitude.
    Your dad and I just cracked open a bottle of COLD Lindauer in your honour. Well, any excuse! Actually, we’ve both been having (more or less ) alcohol- free weekdays for a while now.
    yes, I’ve actually got hiking boots, for God’s sake! Whatever next?
    Now going to put Nana’s comments on your pre-Caspian Sea blog.

  4. Jess says:

    Cant wait for the next update! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    (Willow says hi) x

  5. Thomas and Anne says:

    Hi guys, great to read such good news and we are looking forward to reading your next report.
    Greetings from Munich!!!

  6. Lorna Souch says:

    glad to hear you’re safely across the sea. thinking of you with love xxxx

  7. Denis says:

    Hello travelers!
    It is Denis (in whose name a one N) from the MC “Steel scorpions” Uzbekistan! :)
    I hope you will not lose focus in the city of Tashkent and you liked it! Now of course you are already asleep before you leave from Tashkent. And I was glad to meet with guests from far away London. I wish to have time to leave our country, before the Uzbek visa end and I wish no problems and breakdowns on the road. Successful trip!
    Best regards. Me.

  8. Martha and Marcus says:

    Loving your tales! Loving James’ ability to deal with the dickwads you meet on the way but the local people have been so kind! Must be because you two are such lovely people to meet! Lots of love xxxx

  9. Mum (AKA Jackie) says:

    Hi E and J and greetings from Kuala Lumpur. Currently sitting in bus station waiting for our coach to Singapore. Having a great time and glad to hear you are still alive and kicking. Just announced bus departure so must sign off but will write again hopefully from Singapore.

    Lots of love, Mum xxx

    ps Many thanks for birthday greetings.

  10. julian says:

    Hi again bestteam!
    Got any dates you’re likely to be in Bishkek or Almaty?
    Or maybe you are giving such metrolops (sp) the big miss?
    Are there any roads left in the part of Pakistan you are aiming for (guess you’ve heard the monsoon news)?
    love all the time X

  11. mama/kate says:

    Quote from Nana’s last letter:

    ‘More astonishing adventures byE/J.(I AM surprised how much kindness and help they have had – apart from officials who wait for a ‘handout’.)
    One was feeling apprehensive about ”thieves and villians.” I simply have to show some of The Blog to my ‘normal’ friends! ‘

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