Happy Birthday to us!!

(James) Yes, we’re 100 days old today so we ‘decided’ to spend it under ‘house arrest’ in Tashkent! Long story, but one we’ll be sure to fill you in on in the coming days…

In the meantime, we’re trying to update our diary and photos from the last couple of weeks during which we had little or no internet access. Thanks Jess for being our number one fan today! Work must be really boring!!!

Watch this space….

6 Responses to “Happy Birthday to us!!”

  1. mama/kate says:

    Excuse me, but I’M your number one fan! Just about to check out photos, despite the lateness of hour.


  2. GB Airways says:

    House arrest… you’ve got a house in Uzbekistan? Cool.

  3. Jackson says:

    hmmmm odd “decision”….enjoyed reading your blog very much guys, sitting out on my veranda in a pleasant fresh 25 degrees, the swimming pool close at hand and a fridge full of cold beer……you probably didn’t wanna here that though…..good luck in the sauna. tip: soak one of those neck tube/scarf things in water before riding…put it round your neck first too

  4. M&M says:

    Looking forward to seeing more photos – did you get some of the camels and the pointless bridges? How’s the trip to Crazy Town going?? Loved the awesome bureaucracy – that must take quite some skill to perfect. Congrats on your 100 days!!! Love you guys xxxx

  5. julian says:

    Happy birthday a couple days behind. Love from Dad in Turkey not turkey in dad XX

  6. Jess says:

    Wahhoooooo, number 1 fan!! (Shhh ya face Mum!) xxxxxxxxxxxx

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