Malicious Virus 1 – Fabian 2 (after extra time)

(James) So, the rumours and reports from a few of you, concerning a possible virus on our website turned out to be correct. Although some of you came across it almost a week ago, it only reached us yesterday, but what a malicious little bastard it was!!!

The virus had managed to infiltrate our entire site and our ‘admin’ page effectively rendering us and our site useless and it looked, for all the world, like we’d be having to pay $100 to get the virus removed… But fortunately, one of our group for the China crossing, Fabian, used to run his own IT company so after mentioning our little dilemma to him over a beer when the whole group finally got together for the first time last night (what are the chances that the viral attack would coincide with our group meeting??!), it was agreed that we’d meet this morning to let him have a look at the problem.

We arrived at Fabian’s hotel (it had faster a internet connection than ours) at 11am and he duly got to work. Our virus, it turned out, was not just any virus – it was an absolute sod (not a technical term). Em and I sat, mouths agog, as Fabian scanned and identified the virus on a screen that just seemed to contain random numbers, letters and symbols, and having identified the culprit he began to try to remove it. After an hour the result of is endeavours was….nothing! This virus was going to be a toughy! Undeterred he devised an alternative strategy and began a second attack. This cyber battle went on in the end for 4 hours and required a dozen changes in strategy; countless punches of the air that all too often were followed by curses as the virus would seem to have a counter ready prepared but eventually victory was ours (that’s a royal ‘ours’!). It fair to say that we were mightily relieved as the forecast through the battle was that in all likelihood we’d be losing everything – not a prospect we liked the sound of but one we’d prepared ourselves for!

So now, dear readers our site is not just virus free, but is new and improved with steroid enhanced protection and any spammers (the cause of our woes in the first place) will find themselves swiftly despatched to the virtual gutter from whence they came! As a result we’ve now been able to upload our Kazakhstan blog and photos which you can enjoy in the safety of the cyber fortress that is!

Thanks Fabian!!!

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  1. julian says:

    Yes I’d noticed a virus attack listed when I wennt on the business centre computers in both Delhi and Istanbul. Glad to see you have your bike banner up, biut now you are travelling right to left! Is this to represent the 180s necessary out of Uzbeckistan (sp?).
    What are you going to do about travel in the last stan (paki)?
    Flew over it yday morning and it looks like islands in a sea of brown all the way to the coast. serious thought needs to be applied reference future routeing.
    love from dadinwoking

  2. joanna says:

    Soooo glad the worm has been extricated! Matthew will be pleased – having spent 2 hours on the phone to some twerp in the US and having purchased mega-new (expensive and hopeless!) anti-viral tosh we are now back in business! Yippee! Only downside being it now takes 10 (no exaggerating) for our lap top to turn itself on and go through all its viral paraphanalia! Still can’t believe that you’re actually there, and doing! It’s all still very exciting. Hope you’re still happy and not suffering from flat bottom syndrome!

    Love and hugs xxx

  3. joanna says:

    PS Seriously cool flags these stan countries have!

  4. joanna says:

    Hi Have sent emergency text but don’t know which you’ll see first! Joolz had little GIRL,Daisy, at 12.49 today weighing in at 7lb 5ozs. Had a planned caesarian but Mum and baby both doing well! Also, 2nd piece of emergency info – Sam got his A level results today – an A and 2Bs so off to Sheffield to study Chemistry! Starts 4 weeks today – so best start shopping!

    Hope you are fab and happy xxx

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