So long for now…

(James) Just a quick update to say that we’re heading off into the mountains in the morning and that we’re not entirely sure when we’re next going to have internet access as our route is going to take us down towards the Torugart Pass and China. We’ve been in Bishkek now for almost a week but haven’t really done much other than sleep, eat and give the bikes some much needed TLC! We have met some lovely people here, not least our team for the China crossing but we now want to get out and see some of the lovely scenery for which Kyrgyzstan is renowned (what do you mean you’ve never heard of it?!) For those of you that get the atlas out, the plan is to ride round Lake Issyk Kul and then perhaps squeeze in a day or so camping at Song Kul (3900m above sea level so we’re keeping our thermals near the top of our bags!) before meeting the group at a caravanserai called Tash Rabat next Thursday. That should put us in spitting distance of the Chinese border for the following morning. Assuming that we can update our blog in Kashgar (China) we’ll be able to say hello and put a Kyrgyzstan entry on. If not, you’ll have to wait for a few weeks or more as we’ll be heading into Pakistan…..

Ps. Happy Birthday Jackson for the 25th! Wammo!

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  1. julian says:

    Can’t find the lake on the atlas page. Only a big one to north east of country with a different name. Hope you get lots of pix taken to show us stay-at-homes. Have you met anyone coming the other way i.e. out of Pakistan? Is this feasible or even advisable? (sorry about the parentspeak!).
    love from dad X

  2. Vincent says:

    Hi Bob,
    Me and Alex (the guys you met in Turkey at he gas station long ago…) are back home in Belgium after a fantastic trip in Turkey, Armenia & Georgia. I’m following your trip and it looks stunning! I hope you get into China soon and have a safe trip. We’ll keep in touch! Greetings to Em!

  3. Martha says:

    Good luck in China guys, got to say I am a little confused about your route – isn’t Pakistan the wrong direction? I’m with Dad – don’t do it!! Are you just kidding us? You little punks xxx

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