A quick reminder.

Just so you know, we’re adding photos to go with each post as we put them up so keeping checking the Pakistan gallery. We even have a short bit of video of the bridge crossing (albeit narrated in Spanish – it’s Fabian’s!) which at least will give a flavour of our day (sorry, no footage of the riot!) It’s amongst our Pakistan photos but you can go straight to it by clicking here

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  1. Jackie (aka Mum) says:

    Hi Em and James, It was fabulous talking to you last night and catching up on so much. I’ve now sorted Skype so we should be okay for next time. Have looked at the photo ad ons – wow ! and printed off the next couple of instalments but haven’t read them yet. Will do this with a glass of wine later !

    Am feeling a little better today thank goodness but it appears to be going around the school – think I’ll have to invest in a mask China style !!!

    Keep the reports coming, oh and by the way love the last photo Em – very fetching !!

    Much love to you both , Jackie xx

  2. JULIAN says:

    EmnJ I’m all skyped up. When you likely to be online today?

  3. JULIAN says:

    That penultimate picture on the Pakistan gallery is the ultimate picture.
    Little Em with a big grin (visible on a dusty face!) in amongst the fabulous mountains. Says it all!
    Love from dad X

  4. Jackson says:

    just watched the video, great!!!
    wheres the photos of the Harley??

  5. Jackie (aka Mum) says:

    Just watched the video although didn’t understand a word but pretty hairy !! Will get Sandra to take a look at it when they return from Nerja next week.

    Lots of love, Jackie xx

  6. Will says:


    just found this blog from a thread on the Hubb…. looks like I will have to get my slippers n coffee in hand for a good read… enjoy your travels


  7. admin says:

    Thanks Will,

    Hope you enjoyed our offering and that it wasn’t a wasted evening! It’s certainly been a challenge with all the events this year!


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