Movie Premiere: In the tail of the monster

(James) As promised we’ve managed to find somewhere with a decent internet connection and so have been able to upload a short video of the highlights of our group’s time together from our rendez-vous in Kyrgyzstan at Tash Rabat, through to Kashgar, and then onto the KKH in China and Pakistan.

It’s been made by the creative guru that is Fabian and so the introduction is in Spanish (you can’t have everything!) so you’ll need to either learn Spanish or find someone who can translate! But even a quick listen might give the gist (the words man with a Kalashnikov at the door, emotion and camaraderie are the only things we understand!)

Anyway, turn your volume up, get it big on the screen (should do it automatically, but let us know if it’s not working properly) and enjoy! Click here or go to our gallery.

8 Responses to “Movie Premiere: In the tail of the monster”

  1. Damian Laws says:

    My god, that´s adrenaline pumping stuff. Seems a million miles away from my life.

    Just a quick note aside since I haven´t left a comment before – I´ve very much enjoyed following your trip. You both write fantastically. Have lots to catch up on right now, which I look forward to doing. Lots of luck to you both on your continued travel.

  2. julian says:

    Just watched the video in the comfortable surroundings of a rented cottage by the river Dart. Your mum has burst into tears at the sight of “our little Emily” and I feel a bit more than moist eyed myself. A brilliant montage of scenes and music from your EPIC (whoops slipped into Nana capitals mode for emphasis there) trip.
    How right you were to go for it.
    Keep on going but come back one day!
    Lots and lots of love from Dad XX

  3. Jess says:

    Love it! Emy, you’re such a joker slappin’ you’re arse! xxx

  4. Jess says:

    Obviously I meant Y O U R (oops!) x

  5. Mama/Kate says:

    Best movie I’ve seen in ages. Had to just look at it again as the first viewing was through a veil of tears. Fabian is a genius! And you, my little Em, are a complete badass biker! It made me realise how much I miss you both. As Papa/Jules says, please come back one day – soon – ish ………………………………………..X

  6. Suzanne says:

    What a video! xxx

  7. Martha says:

    I’m so proud of you little sis and bro in law! You are so brave and cool! I am catching up with your blog this week while on holiday in devon, feels like you are worlds away and we miss you sooo much (Em, your sisters need you here – we are having to deal with Jackson all by ourselves!!) Looking forward to France 2011!! Love you guys xxx

  8. Martha says:

    Forget to say (the whole point of my comment) that I loved the video – it captures the spirit of your trip perfectly and I agree with Jess – love the bit where Em slaps her butt! Well done Fabian – awesome!

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