Stop the Press!

We’ve just had an article summarising our trip published in issue 5 of a new e-magazine called Adventure 52! This new publication, as the name suggests, focuses on all types of intrepid activities, from skiing and diving through to flying, hiking and riding and anything inbetween, even food and drink in exotic locations, so should appeal to the little adventurer in all of us! Those interested in reading our piece, and other articles, will need to subscribe at the following link by clicking here. Either way, it’s an excellent way to escape or inspire yourself whilst stuck in the office on a cold wintery day when your favourite motoventurers have been slacking off and not updating their blog regularly enough!…

4 Responses to “Stop the Press!”

  1. Mama/Kate says:

    Sounds impresssive. I’ll get Jules to subscribe. Give him yet another reason for hogging the computer. Actually, he’s got his own little laptop now. Just like yours.
    Did you see jackson’s article in ‘Swim and Dive’? x

  2. Darren says:

    Well done guys chuffed to bits and gushing with pride. This is the first step for a potential glittering career writing articles so tell Jim to get his arse in gear and start submitting for bike magazines (imagine the freebies I’d get if he got a job as motorcycle journo!).

  3. The Littlewoods says:

    And about time too.Well done,, look forward to reading it.
    D,S,D and M.

  4. joanna says:

    As I said – knew you’d be famous!

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