300 days and counting!!!

Hooray!! Today is our 300th day on the road! We’re in the Golden Triangle where the borders of Thailand, Burma and Laos (where we’re heading tomorrow) intersect. We’re still loving life on the road and, you’ll be pleased to hear, still talking to each other! We know that the blog is still a little bit behind, but rest assured we have been and are still working on it and should be there in the next couple of days. We’ve also just added new pages (for any potential overlanders out there)  to the site reviewing  our bikes and kit as well as offering tips based on our experiences so far. You won’t be surprised to hear that they are listed under the tabs marked: ‘Bikes’, ‘Kit’ & ‘Tips’.

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  1. Rosy says:

    Happy 300th day!! Glad to hear you’re still loving it – reading of sun and sailing in thailand is making me jealous as I sit at home with the flu whilst it’s grey outside…

    When are you back? Yet to purchase Vespa – will keep you updated! xx

  2. Jess says:

    Fantastic additions to the site – you guys have everything covered! Happy 300th day! xxxx

  3. Tom says:

    Hi it’s Tom and Saran from chat guesthouse (the ones who had to leave mid convo). Just wanted to say that we’re uber inspired by your travels and good luck for the future.

    Also if reading correctly that your going into Laos tomorrow we’d recommend going to place called konglor cave, in central laos near a town called thakek. We did our own little bike adventure, only 4 days so nothing in comparison, but we ended up at this cave and it was amazing! A 7km network of caves that are all dark, you go through in a boat along the river that flows inside and wear headlamps to look around. Some of the chambers are so big our light barely reached the top. We both really enjoyed it and in that area of Laos people are so so friendly, perhaps cus it’s a little of the usual tourist route.

    Anyways, mainly wanted to say good luck for your travels.

    Ps. Actually I was kind of wondering how do you plan to get your bikes to California?

  4. Mama/Kate says:

    300 days! Oh my goodness! Maybe half as many again before we next see you. Miss you both so much.

    Letter from Nana this morning. To quote: ‘What STALWART characters they are – one can hardly believe they are the SAME people who left here and civilisation!! I have spent all morning reading the blog.Sometimes I had to stop – it was so AWFUL to read about their muddy experiences.They are the BRAVEST of the BRAVE! Where are their OLYMPIC medals?! Poor Em to be seasick after all that exertion!’

  5. Jackson says:

    Just had a peruse over your tips and kits sections and i feel utterly prepared to face the open road…..knife, no; she-wee, yes.
    good writing….although i must say not a scratch on Nana, can we have some more of that please mum?

  6. julian says:

    Ah yes, the capitals, exclamation marks and underlining for every alternate word is the Nana style. Well Emily and James YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!! (underlined)

  7. Motoventurers says:

    Ha ha, yes we may have to give Nana a weekly slot. I don’t think there are many motorcycle websites getting regular commentary from a 99 year old!!

    Thanks everyone for all the nice comments (and for the advice on Laos, Tom and Saran). We’re certainly are still loving it, though I think ‘bravest of the brave’ might be pushing it just a little!!!….

  8. Joanna says:

    Happy 300 days birthday!
    Glad to hear that you are still talking to each other – would be a shame if James had to talk to himself (although I’m sure he wouldn’t really mind!!!!)
    Saw all the girlies on Friday night and they all send their love
    Love and hugs to you both
    Joanna xx

    PS Having had a look at your updated kit list, are you sure you haven’t got the Top Gear back-up travelling with you?!!

  9. Debbie Wilson says:

    Very impressed by your writing and the sheer immense-ness of the undertaking. Cheering you on day by day. Congrats on your milestone. Big hugs!

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