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Stop press: Current update for once!

Friday, June 18th, 2010

(Emily) We’re now in Istanbul and got our third and final rejection for Iran the other day (I can hear your sighs of relief from here, Dad and Matt!) so our route will now take us through Georgia and Azerbaijan on our way to the ‘stans’. Today we picked up our Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan visas; result! (Yes, the border between the two is pretty much at meltdown at the moment but I’m sure we can pootle through no probs…) Never was I more glad of James’ experience commuting in London than today as he weaved in and out of the crazy Istanbul traffic, trying to make it from one consulate to the other across town in the hour’s window we had. I sensibly went for the pillion option – the 20 minute ride to take my bike to the Yamaha service centre was enough to put me off – but the lurching back and forth did not make for a comfortable ride (will be cracking out the sudocrem tonight…) We were too busy for lunch but I managed to inhale many lungfulls of exhaust fumes, so that was a tasty treat. Also we both have very sunburnt forearms after throwing caution to the wind and riding in t-shirts; rather that than pass out in the ridiculous heat. Brilliant. Now waiting for Dan (James’ little brother) to turn up – managed to persuade him to come out last minute – and then we can recover from what was a bit of a day (over 160 km of busy city riding combined with visa nerves = knackered) with a beer and the football. Awesome!

P.S. Thank you everyone for your recent messages – we’re not ashamed to admit we check with keen anticipation on a regular basis!