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THE site if you’re looking at travelling overland regardless of how you’re planning on doing it. There’s tons of advice on just about any subject you can think of, and plenty you can’t. It has a really friendly global expert community who’ll happily provide up to date answers to any question you can’t find. The first place you should look to when considering any overland trip and the one you’ll keep coming back to!  A US based site, super friendly and particularly good for finding answers to your technical questions and a fantastic ride reports section regularly updated by those on the road – perfect to inspire your inner adventurer - a great resource.

All makes and models tend to have their own dedicated web forum and the Yamaha XT660 is no different . A great site with friendly and helpful members – a must if you choose this model of bike.


MotoVareseQuite simply, the friendliest dealership in the world. Granted, you would need to be in the Italian lakes to come across them but it would be worth the trip. Fantastic guys they sell, service and rent out fantastic KTM motorcycles, anD are perfectly located for exploring Milan, the beautiful Italian lake region of the Alps. Get in touch with them!

Woking Yamaha : It’s always a good idea to find a friendly local dealer, whether it’s to help you prepare your bike, get general advice or to send you parts if you find yourself in need in a part of the world lacking a dealer carrying spares – and Woking Yamaha have been just that during the couple of months leading up to our departure and since we’ve been on the road.


Carnet de Passage en Douane:  Paul Gowan at the RAC. Getting your head round Carnets can be a little daunting at first but Paul, the UK’s Carnet man, is more then happy to help answer any questions and then guide you through the process.


Nepal – Thailand: Eagle Exports (Kathmandu)

We air freighted our bikes from Kathmandu to Bangkok using Eagle Exports. The process was actually pretty straight forward and crating of the bikes was included as part of the package. Their office is conveniently located next door to the Kathmandu Guesthouse in the Thamel area of the city. Suraj, the owner is a lovely guy and nothing is too much trouble. Contact him on email at or call him on tel: + 9771 4701022. Highly recommended.

Malaysia - Canada: Crown Relo (Kuala Lumpur)

We shipped our bikes from Kuala Lumpur to Vancouver using Crown Relo. Our contact there, Henry, was extremely helpful (and he’s a fellow Brit!). Crown Relo are a huge company but the service we received was personal and friendly despite us being small-fry shipment-wise! The whole process was handled very professionally and we felt constantly reassured that everything was going according to plan (shipping by sea is always fraught with worry when there are so many things to go wrong!) Visit the website at or contact Henry on Highly recommended.


Esther Benjamins Trust:

A fantastic charity helping to rescue Nepali children trafficked to work in Indian circuses. The EBT not only rescue the children, but rehabilitate them. They also prosecute those in the trade . A great cause and one you should consider supporting. If you are interested in volunteering with EBT in Nepal contact them via the above link.


Well worth a look, they’re all lovely people doing cool stuff!!  Follow Dean & Paul on their ride through the length of Africa, Southeastern Europe and Asia –  good guys riding a hell of a tough route. Interesting and genuinely funny!  Carl & Bene, a lovely couple who were part of our KKH group, are riding from the UK to New Zealand. Matt & Flora have been on the road since February as part of their plan to circumnavigate the Mediterranean. Regional politics means that this is no simple task!

Saliadarunavuelta: Fabian, another of our China group, takes fantastic photos. Have a look, but don’t judge ours too poorly in comparison! The blog of Stefano and Marcella, an Italian couple who were part of our China group. Also part of the KKH group, Donato is riding a loop of Asia on his Harley! His blog is in Italian but there are some great photos. Isabel and Esteban started out in their Renault 5 but had to abandon it in Iran! They’ve carried on backpacking across the globe. : Follow our friend Juan on his motorcycle adventures (if your Spanish is up to scratch!) Texan Dave is touring southeast Asia on his DRZ400. He’s shipping to Europe next then heading east to do Mongolia and the Road of Bones. John and Kelly, Brit and Aussie respectively, had some adventures on an Enfield Bullet in India before trading it in for a GS. Kate and Will are returning to the UK after 10 years in Oz but doing it the fun way – on bikes!


Jupiter’s Travels by Ted Simon: A completely inspiring and beautifully written book about Ted’s 4 year journey riding  a motorcycle around the world in the 1970′s. James’ inspiration for this trip!

The Motorcycle Adventure Handbook by Chris Scott:  THE bible if you’re planning any sort of overland trip. An absolute must, containing tons of useful information covering all aspects of both planning and preparing for a trip, and life on the road.

One Man Caravan by Robert Edison Fulton: An absolutely brilliant book about the author’s 18 month motorcycle journey round the world in 1932!

Mondo Enduro: A cult classic and justifiably so! Forget reading about Ewan & Charlie’s chaperoned jaunt round the world, these guys are the originals and the inspiration for the later ‘Hollywood’ version, although they’re also the complete antithesis. 7 guys with little money and even less of a clue! Brilliant! 


We want to publicly thank some people who have provided their time and/or expertise to help us get this show on the road…

Rupert Fawcett: Talented and all round top man, Rupert designed our fantastic logo. He also designs cards, amongst other things, including the ‘Fred’ cards you’ll have no doubt come across in card shops and now on Buy his cards and support one of the good guys!

Melissa Fawcett:  No, the surname isn’t a coincidence! Melissa is Rupert’s daughter and she turned Rupert’s raw drawing into a multi-colour computerised logo for our website. She doesn’t have a website yet (give her a break, she’s still in college!) but she tells us she’s going to be a designer of some sort. Remember where you first heard the name!

Leo Minster: We were pretty much clueless about setting up any sort of website but were lucky enough to know our friend Leo who’s a bit of a multimedia whizz. He advised us to use WordPress, helped us set it up and and gave us a few pointers before taking our e-rubber wings off and we’ve (barely) looked back since.